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Building Wind Turbines and Axial Flux Generators

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Here are some links to various articles and videos of custom-built wind turbine projects: DIY-1000-watt-wind-turbine (PDF)  


Platypus Eases Development for Mac Environment

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Platypus will help you easily deploy currently utilized and popular high-level programming languages like Shell script, Python, Perl and Ruby. Also take a look at some of the other products developed by Svienbjorn Thordarson on his site.

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Ryan Parker’s Perl CGI Module

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I’m bringing it back right here… I’ve been going through old files cleaning up my drivespace, when I found this I had to post it for old times sake. This module was probably made back in 1998 by Ryan Parker which we used to provide us with a CGI/MySQL backend to our websites. This was basically a re-write of the original CGI module for Perl because Ryan hated that one and didn’t want to use it.